Loch Lomond

Sunday 3rd September 2017

Balloch – Luss, Loch Lomond, Scotland, UK

Only 25 minute drive from Glasgow Airport.

Long Course – 8km swim & 24km run

Short Course – 3km swim & 13km run

2017 Entries now open https://www.entrycentral.com/swimrunlochlomond


Athletes Race Notes for Swim Run UK – Loch Lomond Inch by Inch Sunday 3rd September 2017

These are the Long Course Notes. Full Short course soon – Basically it’s hill run then run 10 in reverse to swim 10 the complete from swim 7 to finish


Hopefully these notes as comprehensive as possible, however due to last minute changes / weather / wind conditions, it is not possible to be 100% accurate. The important details are correct though.  Sadly due to the number of entrants this year there is no boat large enough to take us on a course reccy. The compulsory Saturday afternoon Race Briefing and KIT CHECK will take place at Lomond Arms Hotel Luss from 3.30- 5.30pm This will also be the prize giving for the Inch 2 Inch 10Km & 5km swims taking place on the Saturday.

The organisers reserve the right to alter any element of the Manual / Race Route due to local conditions / extreme weather.

Loch Lomond Inch By Swim. 10 Swims = 8km & 10 Runs = 25km

inchbyinch route



Click here for Inch By Inch Route brief notes PDF

Short Course – http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/1221817414/

inchshort .png

SHORT COURSE ROUTE. Starts with a monster climb then lots of flat running and short swims between the islands

Inch By Inch Route brief notes


Please pay particular attention to the following –

Registration & kit check will take place on Saturday 3rd Sept from 3.30pm – 4.30pm Lomond Arms Luss G83 8NY

followed by – COMPULSORY Race Brief 4.30pm – 5.30pm. PLEASE BRING PHOTO ID!


Start location.

Burnfoot Carpark G83 8RD



Finish Location:   also short course start

Lomond Arms Hotel, Luss G83 8NY



Race Start:

The race will start at 8am with a mass run from Burnfoot Carpark to the loch. Depending on weather conditions the water entry point either be immediately beside Burnfoot jetty, or with run up the shore 500m to mouth of River Fruin.

short course race start is 12noon from Lomond Arms Hotel

Bag Drop

At the start you can leave a kit bag filled with warm clothes etc with us and collect it at the finish.

Aid Stations:

Aid Stations will be situated at:

Inchmurrin Sprint point after Run 1

Balmaha Beach after Swim 3 – accessed again after Conic hill climb.

Inchtavannach at exit of Swim 6 & Swim 9

Finish Line at Lomond Arms Hotel – All athletes will get a big bowl of soup, bread roll and some beer.

Timings & Athlete Checks

All athletes will be given a race bib which must be worn at all times with number visible front and rear.

All athletes will be given a swim cap which must be worn during all swims.

Athlete check points at the end of each swim and start of swims 1,2,4,5. Please shout your number and TEAM NAME TO THE MARSHAL.

Your times for each section will be fed to race control and updated onto the Facebook page for your friends / family to follow.

3G is surprisingly good on the islands, we hope to have lots of photos and videos uploaded as the race progresses too.


Each team to have 1 swim safety tow float. Each team to have two whistles.

We have a minimum 12 powered craft including 7 fast ribs, 3 speed boats and 2 jet skis covering the swim sections.  For the first two swims these will tightly monitor your passage. For the later swims, once the pack has thinned out,  the safety boats will be spread across the swims from Cashels to Aldochlay.

From Swim 5 onwards you will be swimming in speed restricted zones – 5mph or no wake.

You might find yourself 200m away from a safety boat. If you or your team mate get into difficulty lie on your back, blow loudly on your whistle and raise your arm in the air.

Other Loch Users:

Loch Lomond can be a busy place for boat traffic. Let’s be realistic with your swim speed / energy levels and not stupid – particularly whilst near Balmaha or in The Narrows . Before entering the water if you see a craft is about to enter a narrow passage of water please either sit tight, have a breather and allow it pass, or if possible walk up the shore towards it and swim behind it.

Make yourself familiar with The Rules of Navigation ByeLaws section 3.

Also for on land please make yourself familiar with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

First Aid

We will have first aiders in the boats, at Balmaha and the finish.  The marshals will also have basic first aid kits. If you require assistance from one of the medics please ask a marshal who will contact them.

Athlete Withdrawal:

If you decide to quit the race it is imperative that you inform a marshal immediately. Each swim entry / exit will have a marshal checking athlete numbers.

Failure to inform us of withdrawal  might mean us wasting hours looking for you.


The Lomond Arms (owned by Luss Estates on whose islands you will be racing) will be our finish. Look for the big blue Lomo arch.

There will be a marquee with your kit bags for you to get changed.

All athletes and marshals will get a big bowl of soup, bread roll and a beer.

The prize giving will be at 5pm

Please smile and say thank you to all the marshals. Except for the paid safety crew, they are giving up their time for free to look after you.

If you want a medal please finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your category, or be first to either of the Sprint Points at Inchmurrin & Conic Hill.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend with us on Loch Lomond.



  1. Mark Twelftree · November 20, 2015

    Please let me know when the entry opens


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