Inch 2 Inch Swims Loch Lomond




Following the tremendous success of SwimRun Loch Lomond Inch By Inch we thought –  Why should the SwimRunners have all the fun?

Loch Lomond’s island waterways offer a truly unique experience for the long distance swimmer.
So as part of the 2017 SwimRun Loch Lomond weekend we are offering 5km & 10km swims from Luss to the waterways of Inchtavannach, Inchmoan and Inchconnachan.

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Schedule for Sat 2nd Sept 2017. Start, Finish & HQ Luss Beach.

Registration & Sign on:

7.30am – 8.30am

Event start and finish time:

10km non wetsuit swim start – 8.40am

10km wetsuit swim start time – 9am

5km (all) swim start time – 9.20am

expected 1st 5km swim finish – 10.40am

expected 1st 10km swim finish – 11.15am

expected last 5km swim finish – 1pm

expected last 10km swim finish – 3pm


The route will be marked by large marker buoys. Full details closer to the event. Starting at Luss beach and heading South East towards The Narrows, hugging the shore of Inchtavannach then anticlockwise round Inchmoan before following route back up The Narrows to Luss.

5km swim will follow this route down The Narrows towards The Haven then return.

Skins or Wetsuit:

We have a limited number of places available for Non Wetsuit Swimmers. Due to the higher safety cover required there is an additional £20 premium for SKINS / NON WETSUIT swimmers.

The wetsuit compulsory events will go ahead no matter what the water temperature. 

If the water temperature is below 14c all non wetsuit swimmers will have to sign a specific cold water liability waiver.

If the water temperature is below 12c all wetsuit and non wetsuit swimmers will have to sign a specific cold water liability waiver.

Typical Loch Lomond water temperature in September is 16c

Safety Tow Floats:

The entire swim route is within speed restricted zones, however Loch Lomond can be busy with boats, jetskis and other loch users.  For increased visibility safety tow floats are compulsory for ALL swimmers. There are many on the market, we recommend local supplier LOMO of GLASGOW

Feed / Aid stations:

First aid, warm drinks, gels, energy drinks and lots of our usual goodies will be available at the following locations.

Inchtavannach Nth of Narrows approx 2km

Inchmoan Sth Beach approx 3.5km

Inchmoan Nth Beach approx 6km

Inchtavannach Nth of Narrows approx 8km

10km Cut Off Time:

All 10km swimmers must reach the 3km mark immediately due west of Inchmoan within 2hrs of Wetsuit start. Swimmers will not be allowed to continue swimming round Inchmoan after this time, instead they will be able to swim back up the Narrows to the finish at Luss.

Terminating Swims:

The organiser, water safety team or medical team may withdraw any swimmer from the event if they feel the swimmer is is medically unfit, too slow or creating a hazard to themselves, other swimmers or loch users.

Enter Inch 2 Inch before 1st December and get priority entry for River Spey Swims which open on 2nd January.

There will be NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS to other athletes. If you become unable to make the event you will be able to defer your entry to 2018 or to another Ha Ha Event. Please only sign up if you know you can make the event.