Swim Run UK Championship Report and Results 2016 – Loch Lomond Inch By Inch

1 loch, 10 islands, 1 mountain… and a whole lot of love.

For the 2nd year the weather was kind and the water and islands of Britain’s biggest body of water have been conquered, this time by a much larger amount of SwimRunners.

The evening before race day torrential rain fell from the thick dark clouds. From Race HQ in Luss athletes struggled to see across to the islands they would be swimming to. Thankfully the following morning was exactly as forecast – scattered cloud, no rain and best of all, no wind. Perfect weather for running 24km in your wetsuit and swimming 8km with your trainers on.


Just after 8am the 63 teams competing in the 2016 Swim Run UK Championship started their first run from Burnfoot Jetty, through thick forest undergrowth, along the Western shore of Loch Lomond to the Mouth of the River Fruin and the first of the 10 swims, to Inchmurrin.


Winning a bottle of whisky, Crawford Whyte and Peter Anderson of Team 25 – Loch Rock and 2 Smoking Backsides were first to make it to the Sprint point at the far end of Inchmurrin island following 1.5km swim and 3km running. Crawford finished in 2nd place last year with coaching colleague John Dargie, but circumstances dictated that this year he race with the younger Peter who had done very very little running or swimming in the previous 6 months, relying on his bike fitness to get him through.

Whisky won, job done… for now, because there was another bottle to be won at the top of Conic Hill and last year’s winner David Ogg, joined this year by Scotland’s most experienced SwimRunner and Loch Gu Loch almost winner Stuart Mcleod, were hot on their heels in 3rd place with unknowns Jason Parrish and Hauker Heimisson sandwiched in the middle. These 6 would battle it out all day with only 1 second separating 2nd and 3rd place at the finish line.


Conic Hill 358m steep and  high above Loch Lomond


Swim 2 to Inchcailloch is the longest swim of the day at 2.8km. The Inch By Inch course is front loaded with the long swims and 3 high climbs. The highest part of the day, and the longest run, is back on the mainland after swim 3 Conic Hill. It’s here that the gaps in the field really begin to open up with pink bibs littered up and down the mountain. At the top the leaders were now 4 minutes ahead. By the time they got back to the bottom some athletes were only just beginning their climb. Another bottle of whisky claimed… but would they keep it?


1st and 2nd cross paths near the top of Conic Hill


The main field stretched out on Conic Hill, with the islands of the first 1/3 of the Inch By Inch course behind them.

Not far behind the lead 3 a battle royal was beginning between teams from Aberdeenshire, Stirling and Hamburg, Germany. The Stirling team featuring Craig Coull and Gillian Stokes being the lead mixed team.

What I have noticed this year is the different attitude from the female athletes in the Female teams and the Mixed teams. At the Race Briefing the night before there was a very definite eyeing up and down of the Female competition by Penny Rother and Barbara Sweeney. Both raced last year, but returned with different partners. Penny’s team won last year because Barbara’s team (who were leading) got a wee bit lost near the end. Revenge was in Barbara’s eyes, she’s been training hard and with her former partner she finished 3rd in Snowdonia. But at the briefing both showed most concern about Gillian, who has a rather good palmares being first out of the water at the 2014 British Middle Distance Triathlon Champs, until they realised she was in a Mixed Team and wouldn’t be stealing the whisky from either of them.

Two and a half minutes separated the two rivals at the top of the hill, this gradually increasing to 21 minutes by the time they got to Swim 7 for Inchmoan, meaning this year Penny had no right to moan about Barbara and Elise’s crushing victory.


But would Gillian and team mate Craig Coull be getting the Mixed Team whisky at all? Not if Shielhope Swimmers Andrew and Nicola Duggan had anything to say about it as they exited Swim 2 in an impressive 8th place overall, only 9 minutes behind the male leaders and almost 5 minutes ahead of 2nd placed Mixed team The Irish Duo, who were 1 minute ahead of the Stirling pair.

With an event route so complex, knowing the course can gain you ground and save you minutes – and in the case of Stuart Macleod and Chris Stirling last year at Loch Gu Loch it meant you don’t get lost and completely miss the final swim. Jason and Hauker were by far the stronger of the two teams chasing the leaders. In every swim they pulled away, only to be clawed back by Gandalf and Gollum’s superior local knowledge and path finding going round the smaller islands of the final 1/3 of the course.

Knowledge is something The Irish Duo knew would help them get a Mixed Race podium place. Keen to know more about SwimRun and proclaim that Ireland would be victorious, they walked 500 miles to marshal at Snowdonia (ok the drove). Whilst there they picked up lots of tips. Maeve by far had the fastest transition technique of the day at Inchmurrin, unlike her partner Cathal who faffed and faffed removing his trainers for the swim and struggled to get them into his swim bag. Although new to the sport Maeve showed several more experienced racers a clean pair of heels. The Fusion athlete got 2nd place earlier in the year at Loch Lo Man Standard triathlon. The Irish lass must like this loch as she and Cathal held onto 2nd place getting her another podium ceremony on the shores of Loch Lomond.

But who would be winning the Mixed Team race? By Swim 7 it was obvious as it was Gillian and Craig who had a 13 minute lead ahead of the Irish, over hauling both them and the Duggans who finished almost half an hour behind in 3rd place

With the rest of the field spreading out, by Swim 6 to Inchtavannach there was less than 90 seconds separating the 2nd and 3rd placed Male teams. Macleod and Ogg are both used to much longer events and have the endurance to cope, but what of their dark horse rivals?

Cheating happened next!

God bless Strava Flyby http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#701099469?c=gcuxnfjb&z=D&t=1Np2lB&a=ze3JKae2wClVaL0pmSPBKWqNwin5OdIpnHTDKYLJwimq7tIpX83aKRULvyk6ar8pRu2_KWhxwil_5MopgOm_KT4GwClzI8kpRr28KVUdvykLasopPVHEKV3HwSmoz8EpfHLLKT3jwSnjotUpN8DFKa8j5ynOa8Ep&s=84


Despite the briefing telling them to run to the sign at the far end of the North Inchmoan beach before swimming to Inchconnachan, the first 3 teams took a short cut. Thankfully the marshals spotted this and sent a kayaker to stop the rest. Respect to 4th place team Endless Summer II for taking the initiative and correcting themselves first meaning they would finish a further 3 or 4 minutes behind the leaders time.


Swimmers taking the correct route at Inchmoan

Again at Swim 10, despite the marshals shouting loudly at them, the front 3 took a slightly shorter route into the boat club.

Whilst 30 minutes separated 1st and 3rd place in the Mixed Race, 30 minutes separated the winning time from last year and this year. That’s a roughly 10% improvement. Weather conditions were almost identical to last year, except a little cooler. So why such a big chop? Was it the 2 short cuts? No, possible 3 or 4 minutes saved there. Most likely it was simply a full year of getting to grips with the format and having the experience on the course last year that help Crawford guide his young team mate round the rugged course.

Likewise that knowledge helped reigning Swim Run UK Champion David Ogg of Gandalf and Gollum continually claw back time on Fulon Flyers who with a 40m lead lead with 150m to go were unaware of just how close to the finish they were and allowed their precious lead to dwindle as the auld timers sprinted to the line. Watching the Fulon boys take the wrong line into the finish area,  G&G finished in 3rd place just 1 second behind the invaders from England.

Alongside the Championship race was a smaller Short Course event that featured the final 1/3 of the main route, but started with a killer 1.5km leg breaking climb.

SwimRun Loch Lomond Inch By Inch may be shorter than other Scottish SR courses, it might not be a qualifier for the “world championships”, but it is by far the most exciting and challenging SwimRun course in the British Isles if not Europe, it has the most diverse terrain, gorgeous whisky and even wallabies… Oh and being less than 30 minutes from Glasgow’s City Centre it’s bloody easy to get to, CHEAP AND MOST FUN!


Swim Run UK Champions Crawford Whyte and Peter Anderson (photo stolen from Erin Beveridge)

Finally… Massive thanks to Morag Scott and family of Inchmurrin, and the team at Luss Estates for all their support and encouragement allowing us to race over their wonderful islands.


Full results below.

overall Place Gender Distance Bib Name Time Start Finish Forename Surname team member 2
1 1 Male long 25 Loch Rock and 2 Smoking Backsides’ 4:56:07.9 0:00.0 4:56:07.9 Peter Anderson ‘Crawford Whyte’
2 2 Male long 24 ‘Fulon Flyers’ 5:03:07.5 0:00.0 5:03:07.5 Jason Parrish ‘Hauker Heimisson’
3 3 Male long 54 Gandalf and Gollum’ 5:03:8.7 0:00.0 5:03:08.7 Stuart Macleod ‘David Ogg’
4 4 Male long 20 ‘Endless Summer ll’ 5:14:48.2 0:00.0 5:14:48.3 Ryan Watt ‘George Noble’
5 1 Mixed long 66 ‘STIRLING TRIATHLON’ 5:17:41.2 0:00.0 5:17:41.3 GILLIAN STOKES ‘CRAIG COULL’
6 5 Male long 34 ‘Phyllobates Hamburg’ 5:32:18.1 0:00.0 5:32:18.1 Vincent Gabalda Jenson Abernetty
7 2 Mixed long 70 ‘The Irish Duo’ 5:36:28.4 0:00.0 5:36:28.4 Maeve Maher-McWilliams ‘Cathal Reilly’
8 6 Male long 27 ‘Glasgow Nomads’ 5:40:43.6 0:00.0 5:40:43.6 Chris Gorman ‘Colin Dupre’
9 3 Mixed long 65 ‘Shielhope Swimmers’ 5:44:34.2 0:00.0 5:44:34.2 Andrew Duggan ‘Nicola Duggan’
10 4 Mixed long 62 ‘Norfolk and Chance’ 5:44:46.5 0:00.0 5:44:46.5 Craig Wallet ‘Catherine Murray’
11 7 Male long 33 ‘Old Knutty Boys’ 5:53:23.5 0:00.0 5:53:23.5 peter openshaw ‘Andy Dines’
12 5 Mixed long 59 ‘Durham Wetters’ 5:53:34.2 0:00.0 5:53:34.2 Andrew Scott ‘Lauren Munro-Bennett’
13 8 Male long 14 ‘Baku Buddies’ 5:55:29.5 0:00.0 5:55:29.5 Kenneth Duffy ‘Callum Duffy’
14 9 Male long 31 ‘Maximillian Smashfest’ 5:57:39.8 0:00.0 5:57:39.8 Richard Lees ‘Graeme Neagle’
15 10 Male long 43 ‘Swimrunning…. Err  you what?!’ 6:00:24.3 0:00.0 6:00:24.3 Tom Raftery ‘James utting’
16 6 Mixed long 67 Team Justice For Gingers’ 6:01:31.6 0:00.0 6:01:31.6 Gerard McConville ‘Emma Lamont’
17 11 Male long 41 ‘Swim Forrest Run’ 6:08:28.9 0:00.0 6:08:28.9 Andrew Peakman ‘Peter Mason’
18 12 Male long 42 ‘Swim Run na Gàidhealtachd’ 7:38:00.5 0:00.0 6:08:37.5 Calum Maclean ‘Angus Murray’
19 13 Male long 44 ‘Tartan Spartans’ 6:08:38.4 0:00.0 6:08:38.4 Stephen Pratt ‘Alan Cardwell’
20 1 Female long 11 ‘Twa Bridies’ 6:10:03.7 0:00.0 6:10:03.7 Barbara Sweeney ‘Elise Methven’
21 14 Male long 26 ‘Gael T Canuck’ 6:15:57.5 0:00.0 6:15:57.6 Pete Wightman ‘Conor McErlean’
22 15 Male long 35 ‘RedVenom.co.uk’ 6:18:30.7 0:00.0 6:18:30.7 Mike Weed ‘Tony Weed’
23 16 Male long 19 ‘Double A’ 6:19:26.7 0:00.0 6:19:26.7 Alasdair Hood ‘Andrew Hood’
24 7 Mixed long 5 ‘DARK PEAK LADY BOYS’ 6:19:44.0 0:00.0 6:19:44.0 Sarah Broadhurst ‘Rob davison’
25 8 Mixed long 18 ‘Dark peak’ 6:19:44.0 0:00.0 6:19:44.0 Matt Rigby ‘Penny Collier’
26 18 Male long 37 ‘Sharky & George’ 6:20:40.8 0:00.0 6:20:40.8 Peter Rowe ‘George Blessley’
27 19 Male long 39 ‘Something Funny’ 6:21:48.8 0:00.0 6:21:48.8 David Duffy ‘David McKenzie’
28 20 Male long 45 ‘Team Atlantis’ 6:21:52.3 0:00.0 6:21:52.3 Kevin Stokes ‘Dave Garrett’
29 9 Mixed long 57 ‘Cartball Crew’ 6:22:57.8 0:00.0 6:22:57.9 Lea Ball ‘Leyla Cartwright’
30 2 Female long 1 Pennannce 6:24:27.6 0:00.0 6:24:27.6 Penny Rother Anne’
31 21 Male long 40 ‘Spanish Matalascañas’ 6:31:22.7 0:00.0 6:31:22.7 Miguel Mudarra ‘Jose Segura’
32 22 Male long 12 QUENTIN TARTANTINO APPRECIATION SOCIETY’ 6:32:41.9 0:00.0 6:32:41.9 Jon Ostravious
33 10 Mixed long 61 ‘long distance is the wrong distance’ 6:35:26.6 0:00.0 6:35:26.6 Deborah Gunning ‘Craig Stark’
34 23 Male long 51 ‘Wet Bandits’ 6:35:32.5 0:00.0 6:35:32.5 Greig Farmer ‘Steven McEwan’
35 24 Male long 15 ‘Bob Marley on Toast’ 6:37:24.1 0:00.0 6:37:24.1 Gavin Robottom ‘Mark Metcalfe’
36 25 Male long 28 ‘GTC’ 6:40:49.4 0:00.0 6:40:49.4 Stephen Hogarth ‘Marc Bailey’
37 Mixed long 71 ‘Tri Swim Coaching’ 6:43:59.3 0:00.0 6:43:59.3 Annie Oberlin-Harris ‘Ali Hollest’
38 Male long 13 ‘B2P last but not least’ 6:45:15.7 0:00.0 6:45:15.7 Jason Barrett ‘Tom wright’
39 Female long 6 ‘In for a Penny…’ 6:46:27.5 0:00.0 6:46:27.5 Angela McPartlane ‘suzanne pratt’
40 Mixed long 68 ‘Team Mac’ 6:46:47.4 0:00.0 6:46:47.4 Claire McPhee ‘Neil McPhee’
41 Female long 4 ‘Bell’s Belles’ 6:48:54.9 0:00.0 6:48:54.9 Megan Davey ‘Vicky Macrae’
42 Male long 32 ‘New Kids On The Loch’ 6:50:47.7 0:00.0 6:50:47.8 Aaron McDougall ‘Erik Babcock’
43 Male long 17 ‘Crane Men’ 6:58:27.9 0:00.0 6:58:27.9 Alexander Mcculloch ‘Richie Tannock’
44 Male long 23 ‘Fossil Fuel’ 7:02:08.9 0:00.0 7:02:08.9 Mark Twelftree ‘Paul Naughton’
45 Female long 2 ‘Alfi’ 7:02:17.1 0:00.0 7:02:17.1 Fiona MacGregor ‘Alison O’Prey’
46 Male long 49 ‘The Wooden Spoons’ 7:03:13.5 0:00.0 7:03:13.5 Paul Millar ‘David McConville’
47 Male long 30 ‘Lincoln Tri’ 7:05:18.0 0:00.0 7:05:18.0 Mark Speed ‘Andy Johnson’
48 Male long 48 ‘The Vital Sparks’ 7:05:56.1 0:00.0 7:05:56.1 Scott Samuel ‘James Barfoot’
49 Male long 46 ‘Team Bower’ 7:05:56.3 0:00.0 7:05:56.3 Kris Davidson ‘Cedric Grosjean’
50 Female long 9 ‘SYTri’ 7:07:13.9 0:00.0 7:07:13.9 Sarah Exon ‘Abi Gregory’
51 Male long 21 ‘Eynsham A Team’ 7:11:26.0 0:00.0 7:11:26.0 Mark Schofield ‘Nick Maynard’
52 Male long 29 ‘Huff and puff’ 7:12:31.7 0:00.0 7:12:31.7 Nick Wyndham ‘Marcus barrick’
53 Mixed long 56 ‘BofA’ 7:13:12.6 0:00.0 7:13:12.6 David Richards ‘Ester Coma Ramos’
54 Mixed long 60 ‘Fa-Can-El that was fast’ 7:20:33.3 0:00.0 7:20:33.4 Christine Catterson ‘Paul Wallace’
55 Mixed long 55 ‘Anna et Al’ 7:21:12.7 0:00.0 7:21:12.7 al stanton ‘Anna White’
56 Female long 3 ‘Because we can……!’ 7:26:38.0 0:00.0 7:26:38.0 julie Tanner ‘Sarah Hyde’
57 Male long 36 ‘Reverse Alphas’ 7:29:41.4 0:00.0 7:29:41.4 Richard McLaughlin ‘Iain Chirnside’
58 Female long 10 ‘Team 40+’ 7:31:56.3 0:00.0 7:31:56.3 Victoria Lea ‘Jenny Ruscoe’
59 Conic Hill Cut Off Male long 52 ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ 6:18:39.4 0:00.0 nc 6:18:39.4 Jonathan Bridges ‘Kenny Elder’
60 Conic Hill Cut Off Female long 7 ‘Porty Ladies second team’ 6:22:10.5 0:00.0 nc 6:22:10.5 Oonagh O’Brien ‘Joanne Campbell’
61 Conic Hill Cut Off Mixed long 58 ‘Do Fings!’ 6:58:53.6 0:00.0 nc 6:58:53.6 Amanda Randall ‘John Edwards’
62 Conic Hill Cut Off Male long 38 ‘Solihull Triathlon Club’ 7:15:31.9 0:00.0 nc 7:15:31.9 Neil Bowler ‘Gareth David’
63 Mixed long 64 ‘Serpies’ DNF 0:00.0 Andrew Gray ‘Sarah-Kate Berlyn’
Female long 8 ‘Rowing Birds’ DNS
Male long 16 ‘Bri Tri Originals’ DNS Matt Honey ‘Graeme Cox’
Male long 22 ‘Fife amphibians’ DNS hamish stephen ‘charles anderson’
Male long 47 ‘The Acorns’ DNS Sean Walsh ‘Tristan handley’
Male long 50 ‘Wave warriors’ DNS Markus Pressdee ‘Pete Crabb’
Male long 53 ‘Yassink or Swim’ DNS Calum Sweeney ‘Omar Yassin’
Mixed long 63 ‘Redcaps #1’ DNS Mike Jordan ‘Dawn Charles’
Mixed long 69 ‘The Blonde and the Beard’ DNS Henry Bremridge ‘Georgina Smee’
overall Place Gender Distance Bib Name Time Start Finish Forename Surname team member 2
1 1 118 Mixed short ‘Steman’ 2:02:48.6 4:22:33.4 6:25:22.0 Hazel Steven ‘Phil Skerman’
2 1 113 Male short ‘Big Test icicles’ 2:08:25.7 4:22:33.4 6:30:59.0 Callum Anderson ‘Iain Sutherland’
3 2 111 Male short ‘Paul and Alan’ 2:09:10.8 4:22:33.4 6:31:44.2 Alan Mackie ‘Paul Galllacher’
4 2 117 Mixed short ‘Big Mountain’ 2:09:28.4 4:22:33.4 6:32:01.8 Ingrid Machell ‘Alex Spencer’
5 3 120 Mixed short ‘Jellyfish’ 2:18:47.2 4:22:33.4 6:41:20.6 Iain Ferguson ‘Anna Kinter’
6 1 108 Female short ‘Cinneadh’ 2:24:27.1 4:22:33.4 6:47:00.5 Debbie Spencer ‘Jenny McColl’
7 4 116 Mixed short ‘Monifeith Marauders’ 2:27:42.4 4:22:33.4 6:50:15.8 Adam Wilson ‘Julie Wilson’
8 2 106 Female short ‘The Sisters’ 2:34:36.7 4:22:33.4 6:57:10.1 Juliet Loudon ‘Laurel Brodie’
9 3 109 Female short ‘Homer&Co’ 2:38:53.8 4:22:33.4 7:01:27.2 Sharon Holmes ‘Val Barr’
10 4 103 Female short ‘Your Pace or Mine?’ 2:44:30.8 4:22:33.4 7:07:04.2 Mary Riffkin ‘Sarah Bryson’
11 5 105 Female short ‘Water babes’ 2:57:17.3 4:22:33.4 7:19:50.7 Fiona Grove ‘Ali Mosedale’
12 6 110 Female short Geeza Bhreac 3:06:46.5 4:22:33.4 7:29:19.9 Mo Boyd Charlotte
13 7 107 Female short ‘Fleet Feet Foxes’ 3:07:46.1 4:22:33.4 7:30:19.5 Rozanne Boynton ‘Jennifer Cain’
14 8 123 Female short Rowing Birds 3:17:46.0 4:22:33.4 7:40:19.4
15 5 119 Mixed short ‘The Blind leading the blind’ 3:26:42.0 4:22:33.4 7:49:15.4 Alasdair Crawford ‘Aileen O’Donnell’
16 9 101 Female short ‘Susan and Lesley’ 4:03:58.9 4:22:33.4 8:26:32.2 Lesley McLuskey ‘Susan Gallacher’
17 3 112 Male short ‘The Gin Widowers’ 4:16:10.8 4:22:33.4 8:38:44.2 Stuart Fair ‘Neil Jeffrey’
18 102 Female short ‘Suzkim’ DNS Susan Lindsay ‘Kimberley king’
19 104 Female short ‘Happy Feet’ DNS lynne naylor ‘Louise Todd’
20 114 Male short ‘Chundernauts’ DNS Joris Van der Horst ‘James Overell’
21 115 Mixed short ‘Water Rats’ DNS Brett Welch ‘Kathryn Welch’




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