Half Price SwimRun UK Entry Promo Codes

Black Friday weekend – HALF PRICE ENTRY to Swim Run UK Snowdonia & Loch Lomond.

Sat 6th August: Snowdonia only £150 per team (+bf)

Use Promo Code: minerstrack

Enter Snowdonia =https://www.entrycentral.com/swimrunsnowdonia

Sun 4th September: Loch Lomond only £150 per team (+bf)

Long Course Promo code: conichill

Short Course Promo Code: inchmoan

Enter Loch Lomond = https://www.entrycentral.com/swimrunlochlomond

This offer is only available to 10 teams per race or until 23:59 GMT Sunday 29th Nov.


Entry for SwimRun UK The Broads will open on Tues 1st Dec. Early bird entry will cost £200 / team for the first week then increase.

This is a 1 off, never to be repeated offer.



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