Check out these SwimRun UK reviews

The best marketing for any event is the feedback from the people who raced it last time.

Chuffed that so many top athletes have such nice things to say about SwimRun UK Championships at Loch Lomond Inch By Inch.

Inch by Inch wasn’t on my radar but I signed up as a friend wanted to take it on. It looked tough but not outrageous and so it proved. The course was simply awesome, swimming in cool fresh water in lovely sunshine. The atmosphere was like old school triathlon with everyone smiling and enjoying each others company before, during and after the race. Organisation was solid with very supportive marshalls at key points and great feed stations. A great day out, highly recommended

Alan Cardwell – Head Coach Lanark Triathlon Club

Most favourite event ever!

Loch Lomond

All in all a great event. Great location and superbly organised throughout. Wanted to score more than 5 on many of the categories – natural beauty deserved a 10. And the food stations  and marshals a good 8 or 9!

Had a fantastic time and couldn’t recommend it enough. Just beautiful  swimming across Loch Lomond and running in a wetsuit really wasn’t do bad! Had been concerned it might have been an inch too far but the switch from swim to run to swim does give your arms  then legs a break.  Tho I was pretty much swum out by the end.

Definitely one to put on a list of ‘to do’ events.

Barbara Sweeney – Former GBR Squad Triathlete

Stunning race with a great atmosphere

You can read my race report here on what was a fantastic event.

Entered this event for a new challenge and to inspire people to sponsor me for charity and both were a resounding success! Not a great swimmer either but at no point felt unsafe.

The event is unique in that most of the course is a conservation area so you cannot access 80% of it till race day with adds an air of mystery to it byt the navigation is not too difficult and there were plenty of very cheery marshals.

All in all i’d have no hesitation in recommenting this race to anyone!

Richard Frinkleton


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