Loch Lomond Inch by Inch date changed to Sat 5th Sept

The Loch Lomond Inch by Inch Swim Run UK race has changed date to Saturday 5th September 2015.

Following very interesting and positive discussions with Loch Lomond National Park Authority, and Scottish Natural Heritage, the date for Loch Lomond Inch by Inch has been put back 6 weeks to Saturday 5th September 2015.

Sadly this date change means that it will be two days before Otillo. We couldn’t make it the week before because of the Great Scottish Swim also in Loch Lomond. From a local point of view however there will be a number of major benefits.

1. Less motorised traffic on the loch.

2. The water is typically at its warmest in early September.

3. Accommodation is be cheaper.

4. Fewer day trippers on the trails and islands.

5. Most importantly, the rare birds that inhabit many of the island will have nested and fledged.

It is great that we have the backing of the Loch Lomond National Park Authority. There is still a wee bit of bureaucracy to get through, this will mean a couple of small changes to the proposed route over the loch, however athletes will still cross from West to East and back again and up Conic Hill, sadly it looks like they will only be visiting 8 of the original 10 islands.

The change of the Loch Lomond date means we will also have to change the Lake District race date. It was going to be the week before, however Loch Lomond being race director Alan’s home pond it takes preference.


Entry will be by ballot which will open week commencing 9th February. The ballot will be open for one week.

Total entry will be limited to 100 teams of two.

12 entry spots will be allocated to the top teams in each category of Loch Ness race. – (and Lake District if we manage to rearrange its date for late July / early August.

A minimum of 10 entry spots will be allocated to female teams.

A minimum of 10 entry spots will be allocated to mixed teams.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement. With your help and those of the authorities and land owners, Loch Lomond Inch By Inch is going to be an amazing event.



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