Swim Run UK

Swim Run UK is the newest and hottest endurance sport. Inspired by Sweden’s iconic ÖTILLÖ, athletes swim between islands, or through lakes, then run to the next lake, or across the island, to their next swim and repeat and repeat and repeat.

Swim Run started in Sweden just under a decade ago by 4 pals who made a drunken bet about getting from one of the Stockholm Archipelago to a hotel at the other for a drink. 70 odd km later they had crossed over 20 islands and legend was born. Now each year over 100 teams of 2 compete.

Swim Run UK had a similar birth. At the 2014 Glasgow Triathlon Club Christmas party a whisky fuelled question was asked if you could swim and run across Loch Lomond’s dozen islands. Like all ideas drenched in Laphroaig the idea caught fire and now we have a 3 series race in 3 of the UK’s most iconic inland bodies of water.

Clad in wetsuits and carrying all their own equipment teams of two will race through over and around some of the UK’s most stunning locations.  

 June 2015 –  The Loch Ness MONSTER SPLASH 

Loch Ness has a monster and no-one can find it (her). Why? Because it is the UK’s longest lake and has more water than all the lakes in England and Wales put together. It has a canal connecting it to the sea, Loch Oich and Loch Lochy, it is also surround by mountain, high moorland and lots of and lots of small, swimable, lochans.

 July 2015 – Loch Lomond INCH BY INCH

Only 25 minutes from Scotland’s largest city, Loch Lomond is the UK’s biggest body of water. It has over a dozen islands. It has some of the most unique wildlife in the UK including several pairs of osprey and a colony of wallabies. It is also the home pond for the organisers who swim here all year and organise LOCH loMAN and BEN loMAN triathlons.

 August 2015 – Lake District Swim Run – ok we’re still working on a pun

Wainwright, Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter. England’s Lake District is a land that inspires great words to be written about it. If you’re on a bike there’s the Fred Whitton route, hiking has the Bob Graham Round, now Swim Run has a fancy title where you swim in 5 of the National Park’s lakes and climb of its two mountains.


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