Loch Lomond Inch by Inch

Loch Lomond Inch by Inch. July 2015

Swim Run is coming to the UK. Inspired by Sweden’s iconic ÖTILLÖ, Swim Run is the world’s newest and hottest endurance sport.

1 Scottish Loch.
10 Islands (All called Inch…).
A whole lot of swimming and running.

Arden – Inchmurrin – Inchcaillioch – Balmaha – Conic Hill – Inchfad – Inchcruin (no permission yet) – Inchmoan – Inchtavannach – Inchconnachan – Inchlonaig – Luss

That’s a lot of swimming and running. There will be options for a shorter route missing out Conic and Inchlonaig. Time cuts will be strictly enforced meaning slower athletes will be diverted onto the shorter route.

We have land owners permission, other than sort out the logistical nightmare of how we’ll keep everyone safe, we just have to finalise the date, making sure it does not clash with anything.

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